We believe that the most emotive and visually stunning stories are told by nature itself. By immersing our viewers in the world’s wildest places our films entertain, educate and inspire viewers to understand and connect with the natural world.

Home for us is Bristol, a city famous for it’s Natural History filmmaking pedigree but also quickly becoming the go to place for virtual reality. You’ll find Biome at the intersection between VR and Natural History, in the Bristol VR Lab. Indeed, we’re the UK’s only wildlife 360° Virtual Reality (VR) production house.




Imagine taking your entire classroom to…the Great Migrations…or…imagine being with David Attenborough in the world surrounded by nature. – Steven Spielberg.

Our Team

Ted Savile

Spirit animal: Stickleback

When Ted isn’t wearing a Virtual Reality headset you’ll find him eating bread, thinking about Game of Thrones or lamenting about Arsenal Football Club. But watching, talking and writing about wildlife is what really makes Ted tick, ask him about wolves at your peril..

Sam Rowley

Spirit animal: Aye-aye

Growing up next to London’s Richmond Park, Sam’s childhood was spent behind the lens. Sam’s horror on finding out that a 360˚ camera lacks a viewfinder was quickly replaced by his natural ability to film wildlife whatever the rig. Sam’s exceptional wildlife knowledge continues to impress the team, his poor banter however does not.

Anthony de Unger

Spirit animal: Elephant seal

Anthony has always been the earliest of early tech adopters, it was his decision to buy an Oculus DK2 and introduce VR to the rest of the team thus bringing Biome to life. Aside from buying over-engineered kitchen appliances, Anthony is most happy when travelling to countries you haven’t heard of or getting angry on the golf course.

Rollo Wood

Spirit animal: Beaver

It was going to take a lot to prize Rollo away from his beloved farm in Dorset. A young Rollo dreamed of being a professional cricketer but 20 years later Rollo has gladly taken the position of being Biome’s all-rounder. Rollo’s adaptability and intuition continues to amaze the team, single handedly building Biome’s cable-cam system.

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