Wild Tour: The Cairngorms is a 360° VR tour of the magnificent Cairngorms National Park. Join
Sophie, your host and friend, on this highland adventure; split into two separate episodes covering lochs, mountains and forests and their wildlife. Armed with stunning landscapes and a friendly presenter, these two short films give the viewer the ultimate virtual experience of the national park.

The Brief

To inspire viewers to discover the UK’s wildlife and the opportunities for adventure that lie so close to home. To do this, Biome aimed to create a 360° experience where the viewer’s relationship with a presenter was that of a friend, rather than just a host. It was also a priority to showcase the Cairngorms National Park in all its splendour, namely the landscapes and wildlife.



The Challenge

Biome wanted the piece to be as personable and intimate as possible, and therefore needed to find the perfect presenter. Sophie Pavelle, an up-and-coming science TV presenter, was the obvious choice armed with her natural friendliness and charisma. With this level of intimacy comes lots of close-proximity 360° shooting; this can incur horrible stitching errors if not shot in the right way. On a more rugged note, the crew on the ground had to contend with torrential rain, a mountain ascent with heavy gear and a plague of midges throughout the entire production! Whilst the midges appeared readily, other animals were much more secretive. The team spent many a sleepless night waiting for the appearance of one of the UK’s most endangered species, the pine marten.


To create a truly intimate 360° experience, Biome was looking for the right type of person to lead the journey. To do this they teamed up with Sophie Pavelle, an adventurer and science communicator. Biome wrote her a friendly script, where her monologue felt more like a regular conversation. The combination of this colloquial script and her personable character creates a positively immersive piece.



Who is Sophie Pavelle?

Sophie is an adventurous zoologist and science communicator, with a passion for the relationship between outdoor adventure and learning about the natural world. She regularly goes on expeditions around the UK, sharing stories about local wildlife in stunning landscapes via social media; often imparting underlying conservation messages. Following a masters in Science Communication, Sophie now works as a freelance wildlife presenter, writer and educator, aiming to inspire as many people as possible to stay curious about the natural world.