Dear All,


It is with a sad heart that we announce today the closure of Biome Productions.

After much thought and with the mutual consent of the entire team, it was decided that we should cease our joint venture. We’ve worked away for the past two years and shared some incredible experiences and more importantly, created some fantastic films, all of which we are extremely proud of, and all of which will remain in the public domain.

These films have been used to engage a multitude of people from different places and different backgrounds. They have transported schoolchildren in Hong Kong to South Africa, taken hospice patients to the wilds of Scotland, and helped raise awareness about some of the world’s rarest animals. These films all have a legacy and we’re exited about the future potential of them. We gave our all in every one of these projects, and would do so again in a heartbeat.

However, in a recent meeting we reviewed our positions and the future of company. The world of 360° film and VR is a new one with bucket loads of potential, but the promised land is still a way off. At this time there is still a small consumer market, headset sales remain low, and there doesn’t seem to be an appetite for VR at home. As a consequence of this we often found ourselves branching out into a variety of projects outside of the natural world.

We filmed at the Old Vic with the National Theatre, choirs at Colston Hall, and recently even consulting on the potential of VR in the world of elite sports training. Whilst we really enjoyed being part of these projects, it certainly didn’t feel like our natural habitat.

This led us to the difficult decision that we’ve taken. We always wanted to stay in the realm of natural history and the happy niche we were creating for ourselves. However, without a large enough market to support this vision, we see no option but to shut up shop and part ways as closer friends then when we started. We will continue to support each other in our future endeavours and will always look back fondly on these two years of our lives.

We will of course endeavour to see out all of our existing commitments with our clients and partners.


We thank you for all your support along the way!


Anthony de Unger